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USMLE Step 3 Review Course The first ever online interactive USMLE Step 3 Live Reviews and CCS Workshop!  

This interactive online USMLE Step 3 CCS workshop aims at strengthening your concepts and understanding of USMLE Step 3 Clinical Case Simulations (CCS). CCS - the computer-based simulations on USMLE step 3 constitute about 25% of the total score and doing well on this component is extremely crucial to pass the exam. Our dedicated teaching physicians will teach you the CCS approach with an exceptional level of care and attention. At the CCS workshop, you will get step-by-step guidance on how to approach the CCS as well as the USMLE step 3 as a whole. We are proud to announce that our USMLE Step 3 review and teaching strategies have made a great difference to several candidates including to those with previous attempts and resulted in an excellent USMLE Step 3 PASS performance over the past three years. Our knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding instructors take pride in paying close attention to each student's needs and can make a difference in the way you perceive USMLE Step 3.

The live CCS Workshop is conveniently organized every month on sundays so as to enable you to participate to your fullest. These are done online via. live webinar events. These step 3 workshops and live review courses can be accessed globally. You do not have to fly anywhere to attend these sessions. You stay where you are and get the most experienced mentoring at your door step, on your desktop - that's how unique and painless these workshops are!!

In addition to the CCS workshop, we offer live online USMLE Step 3 Rapid Review, Full-length USMLE Step 3 review course and Topic-wise Step 3 lectures. We have also introduced Pay-Per-View option for USMLE Step 3 Review Audio/Video lectures which are the recordings of our live review. Each sub-topic in these reviews is followed by question and answer session that helps to re-inforce the concept you have learned from listening to the lecture. You can access these Pay-Per-View lectures at your own convenience on your desktop for two months from the date of purchase. These Pay-Per-View videos are highly popular and are chosen by many step 3 examinees as "most focused and very helpful" for the "Multiple Choice Questions" component of the USMLE Step 3. 

USMLE Step 3 live review is done every 2 months in a live webinar format. These lectures are spread over three days and aim to strenghthen your conceptual understanding of the most frequently tested highyield topics on USMLE Step 3. During our live Step 3 review, you will be able to watch the powerpoint presentation along with instructor's live lecture right on your desktop. Our webinar session will allow you to raise your hand and let the instructor know that you have a question during the session itself. At that point, you can talk and interact with your instructor right from your home and have your questions answered. Because of the affordability, convenience, ease of access to a live review, excellent teaching, exceptional care and individual attention, our reviews have been voted as "extremely helpful" and "highly effective" by our attendees in our post-review surveys. The pass rate among our USMLE Step 3 review attendees who have e-mailed us after their exam results have arrived has consistently been 97%. Extensive and highyield live online reviews are also available for USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 1.

All reviews are designed and taught by Internal Medicine Board certified teaching physicians. Click here to access samples of our USMLE Step 3 Review. For any subject related questions and if you need free answers to your Step 3 and CCS queries, please access our blogs at USMLE Step 3 blogs. You may join one of our social media networks on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to discuss your study approaches and to interact with thousands of Archer USMLE Review's current and past customers most of whom have passed USMLE Step 3 with high scores. Archer USMLE Step 3 Question Bank will be released in few months . You may access sample questions now at USMLE Step 3 Question Bank.  We believe in teaching and practicing Evidence-Based Medicine and all our question banks are based on evidence based guidelines. They stimulate analytical thinking and will strengthen your basic clinical concept to face challenging USMLE step 3 questions. 


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