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What are all the live reviews that you offer for Step 3?
We have the following live lectures available at this time. As we expand more, we plan to recruit best teaching physicians to offer you the best lectures promptly at your request.
  1. CCS Workshop - excellent tutorial for Step3 CCS alone with live practice and strategies - a 12 hr session for $97. Our CCS Workshops are extremely popular and we get overwhelmingly full each and every time. That is the reason we organize two workshops a month. Our CCS Workshop is also extremely affordable at $97, which is the cheapest in the market. We also have a unique practice of organizing polls and surveys after our every lecture and we are proud to disclose that 99% of our attendees find us very helpful. That is the reason behind our rapid success in a very short span of time. Now, two years after their release, Archer CCS Webinars and Pay-per-view are accessed by 8000 medical doctors every year. At our CCS Workshop, Success Speaks! Experience speaks! Our results speak! Yet, we charge a bare minimum fee to make it affordable to every one including an IMG as well as a medical student!
  2. Rapid review - 26 hrs - all topics crash course, this is for people who need a quick overview and explaination on all high yield topics that are frequently tested on the exam. Extremely affordable, intense review - $295 for all materials and live lectures. Our Rapid Reviews which occured in December 2008, February 2009, April 2009 and June 2009 were a grand success with 70 attendees participating at once. At the end of the lecture series, 95% of our rapid review attendees felt that they would not require any other material to pass this exam. Our previous Rapid review was 20 hour long. However, in view of a very detailed Q and A sessions, we even extended this review to 26 hours to accomodate our attendees needs. All study material will be e-mailed in Power Point Format. Rapid review happens once in 2 to 3 months. The maximum slots are 70 because this is a web conference.
  3. Pay-Per-View - these are USMLE Step 3 streaming video lectures that can be accessed at any time. This is a very feasible option for busy medical residents, doctors and those that can not wait for the live review. These are also very affordable. For details, visit PAY-PER-VIEW
  4. Personal tutoring/ full length review for 40 hours - All topics, detailed course. These are one on one - no group, its a personal intensive coaching for those who had failure on step3 in the past or for those looking to score very high on step3. You will be taught by experienced teaching physicians who have scored more than 95 percentile on their Internal Medicine boards as well as on USMLE exams. Personal tutoring cost is fixed at $90 per hour or $3500 for 40 hours.
How does your CCS workshop compare with others on the market?
There are other CCS workshops on the market from review organizations like Kaplan, Premier review and others. They are very expensive @ $290 and more ( compare ours at a nominal $97). Those workshops are also not longer than three hours and for that reason, not many CCS cases are covered in these courses from other organizations. Also, those other reviews require you to attend their workshop in person. Typically, you will need to travel to another place to attend this workshop which is not only expensive but also uncomfortable. To our knowledge, we are the first to introduce these unique online, interactive and live courses for step3, which not only improves the flexibility but also reduces the travel costs and time consumption. Our workshops are lengthy, packed with information and extend up to 12 hours and covers maximum number of cases and strategies required to excel on the CCS.

Most importantly, at CCS Workshop, we are not just commercial, we also care a lot about our attendees and take personal interest. Our physicians will be available to clear your doubts until your exam either by phone or by e-mail. That's the secret behind our 99% pass rate.

Is CCS very important to pass Step3?
CCS is extremely important to pass Step3. If you have taken the exam before, we recommend you to look at your performance bar on CCS. Do not think that you did well on CCS if your bar is touching the borderline. Your CCS performance bar should be on the right side and should not touch the borderline. This will relieve you of the MCQ burden. Please see our analysis under "About us" section to get a better idea on how important the CCS is.

Does the NBME practice test score correlate with actual Step3 score?
No. Not for Step3. Our analysis of our previous students suggested that NBME performance that correlated with "PASS" on step3 has varied widely from 250 to 500. The reason is that NBME does not account for CCS. So, even if your score is on the lower side on NBME practice you can still pass the test if you did extremely well on the CCS.

How can you be so sure that CCS matters so much?
We have taught about 350 students over last three years via. step3 full length review course for 40 hours. 100% of them have passed. Most significant improvement has been on the CCS section. Now, after launching our unique CCS Workshop in 2008, we have trained more than 2500 step3 aspirants. We still find that attendees who did very well on the CCS component passed this exam with ease.

What do I need to participate in the workshop?
You need to have a computer, a long distance telephone connection and an internet connection. If you do not want to use a telephone, you can use your computer's microphone.

Do I need to purchase any software?
No. Once you register with us, you will be provided with a meeting code and a website address. You will go to the website and enter the meeting code. After this, you will get access to the live meeting on your desktop screen. The live webinar is compatible with both MAC and Windows PC. 

Can I interact with you?
Certainly! You are encouraged to talk with us during the conference, share your opinions and ask questions. You are also encouraged to share your opinions with other students in the workshop

How can I talk?
You can talk on your phone or over VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone, which uses your computer's microphone) and everyone in the workshop including us will hear you. If you wish to use the telephone, you will be provided with a phone number along with the meeting code which will connect you to the conference call.

How many people are there in the workshop at a time?
Usually 25 to 40 students.

How long is the workshop?
Typically 10 to 12 hours. However, it depends on the number of candidates. If the number is more, the workshop lasts longer as we practice more cases.

Do I need to watch others practice after the lecture?
If you volunteer, you will get your chance to practice. But we recommend watching others practice too because we will be guiding them through out their practice which will help you gather important details.

How can I practice a CCS at my home and how can you watch me? How is this possible at all?
This is the greatest advantage of our unique CCS workshop. As you enter the WEBINAR meeting, we will give you the controls to work on our desktop. You can type, move your patient and do whatever you like on our desktop.

What is the interface on which I will practice a CCS case?
USMLE permits you to use their software for your own exam preparation or practice. When you enroll in the CCS Workshop, we understand that you are registered or planning to register for USMLE Step3 and would like to master the exam software to improve your skills to ace this exam. As a prospective Step3 exam taker, you can ask us several questions you might have in navigating the software that you have downloaded. You may wish to practice the same cases provided on the primum software or you can also request us to present you surprise mock cases and to encourage you to put different orders on the software. As the software navigates, you will get the feedback prompts from us and you will change your case approach depending on the results and findings of the case that we will provide you.

How many cases are typically practiced during a session?
About 12 to 15 very important CCS cases will be practiced. However, it depends on number of students. The more the number of candidates, the more the cases practiced.

You mentioned a full length Step3 review course for 40 hours. Is it still available and how is this delivered ?
Full length step3 rigorous review course includes CCS as well as MCQ preperation, covering highyield topics in IM, OBGYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, surgery and Preventive medicine. The past success rate for this full length course has been 100%. Our experienced physicians will schedule 2 to 3 hour sessions each day with you as per your convenience and teach you live online via. powerpoint presentations. Typically full length course lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. For further details on this full length review course please e-mail us at .

These full length courses have been in high demand, especially for the past 4 months because most of our CCS Workshop attendees were so impressed with the teaching that number of people signed-up for these courses. Because of the high demand and shortage of the teaching physicians there might be people who may not be able to sign-up for these courses. For those people and also to make the reviews more affordable, we are starting topic-wise lectures as well as Rapid reviews - for example, you can choose to sign up only for Nephrology lectures, cardiology lecture etc each typically lasting for three to four hours at a time.

Can you provide us testimonials?
Please see "Testimonials" page. Other contact information of our previous attendees will be provided to you only if they permit us to do so. If they permit us, you can directly contact them and get an honest feedback.

How many students have you reached via. CCS Workshop and Rapid Review?
We have launched the CCS Workshop about 3 years ago. So far, we have trained about 20000 step-3 takers in a span of 3 years. Most of them have received their results and some of them e-mailed us that they passed. Out of 1200 people that e-mailed us back, only twenty failed - that translates in to 99% pass rate and 100% of them reported that their CCS performance bar was way higher than the MCQ component. People who took our live topic reviews reported that they did particularly well with high performance bars on those topics!

Our theory live lectures and Rapid reviews have reached about 8000 Step 3 examinees. All study material was e-mailed in PPT format. 100% of the Rapid review attendees opined that these are very detailed and highyield lectures and about 95% of our attendees felt that they do not need to follow any other review materials to pass this exam.

Can I record your Live sessions? No. Our sessions are live and cannot be recorded or reproduced or distributed in any other format with out our written permission. Our sessions include powerpoint presentations and live voice. Recording our sessions constitute violation of our copyrights. The powerpoint slides will be e-mailed to you after each session. We also recommend taking notes during the live sessions. If you still have exam queries after the lectures, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail and we will be very happy to give you guidance on the strategies to pass this exam. This will be free of cost! Our job is to drive you towards sucess on the exam!

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