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1. Archer USMLE Step2 Question Bank :

Archer USMLE Step 2CK Qbnak has about 1200 extremely highyield Step 2ck questions at a very low price of $49 per month. About 300 biostatistics questiobs for USMLE included.  Correlate clinical presentations with basic sciences. Qbank interacce exactly similar to USMLE Step  exam interface. Analyze in tutor mode and test youtself in test mode. Compare your performance with your peers and manay more stats to help you analyze yourself and excel. You can see some sample questions on our blog


2. Archer Step II Rapid Review: Duration 26 hours

Course fee $340 for Live lectures + Highyield lecture notes in PPT format
Boosts your score/ 99% pass rate/ Extremely affordable
Please email us for available dates and to register

3. One on one Step II review : Duration 40 hours $90 per hour ( Personal Tutoring)

The review course will focus on you and you alone. We have a three year teaching experience in guiding you towards success. In this review, all the Step II Subjects will be taught to you live with special emphasis on high-yield subjects -Internal Medicine and pediatrics.
- You stay at home - right in front of your computer.
- Study material and high-yield questions will be provided to you in a powerpoint format.
- Flexible hours - courses can be scheduled as per your flexibility
- Cheapest available one on one review course on the market by very efficient teachers with years of experience.
Also, realize that you will be saving a lot more time and money by avoiding flight to a distant location and accomodation expenditures. You stay right at your home and the live instructor comes to you, on your desktop, provides in-depth review and clears all your questions.

Location : Global, Online, Live, interative - please feel free to request a demo on this unique interactive Step II review by mailing

3. USMLE STEP II GROUP REVIEW/ Topic-wise $520 for all topics - 40hr duration
Similar to the one on one live review and very detailed but there's a group of at least 10 members at a time. These reviews are prescheduled and will happen only on certain days as per prescheduled hours.This is a new addition to our online reviews and will be starting only when a group of 10 is reached.

4. Step 2CK Pay-Per-View: Inspired by our huge success in providing USMLE Step 3 Rapid Review via. Pay-Per-View Streaming lectures, we bring to you most efficient Step 2CK rapid Review in the form of Pay-Per-view videos. These are expected to be vailable in May 2015. 


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